VSA Arts of Texas

Opening Minds, Opening Doors, Promoting Self-Advocates as Speakers

VSA Texas
3710 Cedar St. # 7
Austin, TX. 78705
VSA Texas the State Organization on Arts and Disability website

Project Director
Celia Hughes

Project Period
May 1, 2013 – April 30, 2017

Project Objective
The project will train self-advocates to make presentations and serve as facilitators at conferences and training events in Texas so they can increase public awareness about disabilities and help improve public policy. VSA Texas plans to train at least 50 self-advocates on narrative storytelling, presentation techniques, and how to use slideshows, videos and other technology. Through speaking opportunities and small group interactions, the self-advocates will also learn how to become role models and mentors for other participants in the project. Training will be offered in Hays, Travis and Williamson counties the first year and then expand into Bexar, El Paso and Harris counties the following years.

State Plan Goal 6
Work with others to double the number of identified leadership development and advocacy training programs that are able to provide culturally appropriate training for people with developmental disabilities without ongoing grant funding from TCDD.

Geographic Reach
Bexar, El Paso, Hays, Harris, Travis and Williamson counties

Texas map entire state highlighted

Area of Emphasis
Promoting Self-Advocates as Speakers