Texas Advocates

Grass Roots Community Organization

Texas Advocates
8001 Centre Park., Suite 100
Austin, TX 78754
Texas Advocates website

Project Director
Annessa Lewis

Project Period
April 1, 2015 — June 30, 2018

Project Objective
Texas Advocates will speak out for ourselves and organize a powerful group of self-advocates in Greater Austin to create change in their community at their direction, so people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are included in their community. Texas Advocates will identify, recruit and meet individually with self-advocates to learn about their goals for their lives. Texas Advocates will help the self-advocates organize a group, choose leaders, plan meetings, invite speakers and experts, learn about issues like community organizing and building relationships, identify project goals and develop and implement a plan to achieve the group’s goals.

State Plan Goal 3
Increase the access that individuals with developmental disabilities and families of individuals with developmental disabilities have to information, training, and support to advocate for themselves and/or to collaborate with allies to impact public policy, service systems, and community supports.

Geographic Reach
Greater Austin area including Travis, Williamson and Hays counties.

shape of state of Texas in blue with Williamson, Travis and Hays counties colored orange

Area of Emphasis
Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training