Nuevos Horizontes de Starr County

Nuevos Horizontes de Starr County
102 North Texas Street
Rio Grande City, TX 78582

Project Director
Rosa Garcia

Project Period
September 1, 2014 – August 31, 2015

Project Objective
The overall goal of the project is to provide community awareness, recruit volunteers/members, promote the objectives of the organization, and increase daily activities at the center to enhance the program. Through community awareness the project will organize and host educational conferences every three months on topics such as education and health concerns which will allow the attendees to become better informed and have tools that will allow them to be better advocates for their children. The conferences will be held in English and Spanish. The project will also offer support and enable the young adults to reach their goal as they will be provided with mentors and advisors to assist them throughout the process. The mentors will provide knowledge through their expertise in their respective field. They will be offered an internship where they can further develop and enhance their skills under direct supervision of their mentor(s). The students will also have access to qualified and licensed professionals such as speech, occupational and physical therapist, psychologist, teachers, etc. from the community which will help them in culturally diverse situations. The organization will collaborate with other non-profits to put together a resource fair twice a year to provide information to the community about all available resources.

State Plan Goal 6
Each year the Council and its Committees receive staff and administrative support to effectively implement activities for at least 90% of all identified objectives noted under Goals 1–6, by 9/30/2016.

Geographic Reach
Rio Grande City, Texas in Starr County

shape of state of Texas in blue with Star county colored orange

Area of Emphasis
Outreach & Development