National Alliance on Mental Illness of Texas

Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training

Grantee Information

NAMI Texas, Inc.
Fountain Park Plaza III
2800 S. I-35, Ste 140
Austin, TX 78704
National Alliance on Mental Illness of Texas website

Project Director: Patricia Haynes

Project Period

Feb. 1, 2012 – June 30, 2014

Project Description

NAMI will hold a two-day leadership and advocacy, train-the-trainer conference for up to 40 NAMI Texas council members and others. The training will improve individuals’ leadership skills so they can teach others and encourage advocacy on behalf of people with mental illness in local communities across Texas. Conference attendees will advocate in their own communities, develop regional councils as a way to continue the project long-term and offer local advocacy and leadership training to other individuals with disabilities, family members, friends and representatives from organizations that serve individuals with developmental disabilities. Project participants will be the core group in advocating for mental health issues during the NAMI Texas Capitol Day.

Geographic Reach


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Area of Emphasis

Leadership Development and Advocacy Skills Training

State Plan Goal 6

Work with others to double the number of identified leadership development and advocacy training programs that are able to provide culturally appropriate training for people with developmental disabilities without ongoing grant funding from TCDD.