Access Empowerment Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign

Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign

Grantee Information

Access Empowerment
3800 N. Lamar Blvd, Suite 730-175
Austin, TX 78756

Project Director: Mack Marsh

Project Period

Jan. 1, 2014 – Jun. 30, 2014

Project Description

Through its Parking Mobility program, Access Empowerment will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to educate the community about the significance of accessible parking and the impact when people who do not need accessible parking use these spaces illegally. The project will implement a sustainable marketing model that leverages fines from accessible parking violations to create broad community support. This strategic approach educates the community at all levels and creates long-term sustainability. Once the marketing plan is completed, it will be submitted for TCDD to consider awarding additional funds to implement the plan.

Geographic Reach

Hays and Travis Counties

Texas map with Travis county marked

Area of Emphasis

Community Education and Outreach

State Plan Goal 3

Conduct ongoing educational campaigns in collaboration with community leaders, organizations, and businesses to enable them to better support, include, and/or provide services to people with developmental disabilities by 9/30/2016.